Wei (Becky) Lin

Visiting Researcher from University of Southern California (Aug 2017 to Mar 2018)
Wei (Becky) Lin is a visiting researcher at UCLA Department of Statistics. She got her B.Eng. in computer science in China and received her PhD in statistics in Canada under the supervision of Nancy Reid and D.A.S. Fraser. She worked for one year as an assistant professor in teaching stream at University of Toronto  before she joins Jessica's team.  She has broad research interests in likelihood inference, survey design and survey data analysis. Her current work is with Xin Tong and Jessica Li on developing and integrating innovative statistical methods and theory for analyzing single cell RNA sequencing data.

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D.A.S. Fraser, A. Naderi, K. Ji, W. Lin, and J. Su (2011). Exponential models: approximations for probabilities. Journal of The Iranian Statistical Society 10(2):95-107.

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