Xinzhou Ge

PhD Student in Statistics

Xinzhou got his Bachelor of Statistics from School of Mathematical Science, Peking University in 2016. As a PhD student in the Department of Statistics of UCLA, he is currently conducting research with Prof. Jingyi Jessica Li. He is working with Kexin Li on using machine learning methods to understand the association between genome, transcriptome and proteome in tumors. He is also working with Lingjue Xie on detecting differences in epigenetic patterns of various cell types using Roadmap epigenomic data.


Ge, X., Chen, Y.E., Song, D., McDermott, M., Woyshner, K., Manousopoulou, A., Wang, L.D., Li, W., and Li, J.J. (2020). Clipper: p-value-free FDR control on high-throughput data from two conditions. bioRxiv. [ SOFTWARE ] [ CODE ] [ VIDEO ]

Ge, X.*, Zhang, H.*, Xie, L., Li, W.V., Kwon, S.B., and Li, J.J. (2019). EpiAlign: an alignment-based bioinformatic tool for comparing chromatin state sequences. Nucleic Acids Research 47(13):e77. [ SOFTWARE ] [ WEBSITE ]