Wei Vivian Li

PhD Student in Statistics

Wei is a PhD candidate at UCLA Department of Statistics. She has a BS in statistics from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. She is working with Jessica, Yiling, and Zahra on developing testing-based measures (TROM/EPOM) for comparing genomic samples from the same or different species. She is also working on statistical method for isoform abundance estimation based on multiple RNA-seq replicates with Jessica and other collaborators.


Li, W.V. and Li, J.J. (2018). scImpute: accurate and robust imputation for single cell RNA-seq data. Nature Communications in press. [ SOFTWARE ]

Li, W.V.*, Zhao, A., Zhang, S., and Li, J.J.* (2018). MSIQ: joint modeling of multiple RNA-seq samples for accurate isoform quantification. Annals of Applied Statistics in press. [ SOFTWARE ]

Li, W.V.Chen, Y., and Li, J.J. (2017). TROM: a testing-based method for finding transcriptomic similarity of biological samples. Statistics in Biosciences 9(1):105-136. [ SOFTWARE ]

Li, W.V.Razaee, Z.S., and Li, J.J. (2016). Epigenome overlap measure (EPOM) for comparing tissue/cell types based on chromatin states. BMC Genomics 17(Supp 1):10. [ SOFTWARE ]