Heather Zhou

PhD Student in Statistics
Research interest: 

Heather is interested in developing statistical models and algorithms to answer biological questions. She is currently working on applying generalized R square on UK Biobank data to discover previously missed associations between phenotypes and SNP genotypes. She is also working with Yidan on two projects: bipartite tight spectral clustering (BiTSC) algorithm, and model-based bipartite clustering. Both projects aim to use gene expression data and gene orthology information to group genes from two different species into co-clusters, taking into account the existence of noise genes. Heather holds a B.A. from Swarthmore College where she double majored in mathematics and economics.

Currently Postdoctoral Researcher at City of Hope.


64. Zhou, H.J., Li, L., Li, Y., Li, W., and Li, J.J. (2022). PCA outperforms popular hidden variable inference methods for QTL mapping. Genome Biology 23:210. [ Highlight talk at RECOMB 2023 ] [ SOFTWARE ] | [ PDF ]

48. Sun, Y.E.Zhou, H.J., and Li, J.J. (2021). Bipartite tight spectral clustering (BiTSC) algorithm for identifying conserved gene co-clusters in two species. Bioinformatics 37(9):1225–1233. [ SOFTWARE ]